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Proactive Webserver Defense System

Echovoice's Proactive Webserver Defense System (PWDS) is a new type of webserver defense system. It incorporates many aspects of today's modern webserver protection suites however PWDS features a self-adapting algorithm that takes historical client data and uses the data to protect itself in the future from similar attacks. The way it works is after an attack has been prevented or in rare cases executed successfully the system then takes all the previous data it has logged from that particular user in order to create an "attack path". This newly created attack pattern becomes a new pathway for the embedded algorithm to monitor. The system constantly monitors for "malicious" activity and blocks harvesters and spam bots automatically, sometimes before they can even connect for the first time. PWDS also monitors incoming data for malicious injections and cross-site scripting attacks. Clients caught doing such activities will be banned from accessing the server. Any user accessing a server equipped with PWDS must agree with and acknowledge that website usage data will be logged by the website owner and by Echovoice LLC.

Intelligent Client Traffic Capture

Echovoice's Intelligent Client Traffic Capture (ICTC) system is a sub-module of PWDS. ICTC uses the usage collection logs of the PWDS system and tags the data based on known information of the client accessing the webserver. ICTC is intelligent because it will not collect and store data from known spiders and bots which usually inflates user traffic numbers. ICTC allows administrators to collect information on the client, such as tracking different geographical locations particular users connect from as well as collecting information on different devices the users use to connect to the particular webserver. The user tracking also can link user accounts to current as well as previous tracking data after the user authenticates or registers with the webserver. Any user accessing a server equipped with ICTC must agree with and acknowledge that website usage data will be logged by the website owner and by Echovoice LLC.

Both PWDS and ICTC were initialized and activated on http://myclassalert.com 02/16/2011 at 2:34am

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