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Welcome to Echovoice
Project: E. G. S. Public Version and Profile


E. G. S. (Echovoice Gaming Statistics)

About EGS

The new version supports a new way to create statistical information about your game play. It includes an open source plugin system so anyone wanting to provide support for a particular game can do so easily. Allowing developers to build plugins so their game is supported. It can support any game with log file support.

The new version is also non-G15 dependent, meaning it can collect and display gaming statistics within its own GUI and no external LCD is required. That way your (non-G15) friends can track their stats and compare their statistical information with yours. However G15 users will have many features not available to others.

Future versions will also support online stats access, allowing you to share your stats with anyone who has internet access around the world. Also further down the road new SIG generators, giving your forum posts detailed info on your frags and gameplay stats.

Main Features

o Counter-Strike
o Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
o Counter-Strike Source
o Day of Defeat
o Day of Defeat: Source
o Half-Life 2: Deatchmatch
o Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
o Ricochet
o Team Fortress Classic

System Requirements

o Any of the Supported Games
o Microsoft Windows (R) XP/Vista (32 or 64 bit)
o AMD 2000+ or Intel 2Ghz equivalent
o Logitech G15 w/ Drivers Installed
o At LEAST 128 Mb RAM
o Latest Microsoft .NET runtime files


Beta 1 Echovoice G15 Gamer Statistics Application
(this is very old, expect a new version soon)

Free Download, CLICK HERE (32 bit)

Free Download, CLICK HERE (64 bit)

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