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G19 Easy to use Color Picker, with Automatic Purple/White Correction


G19 Color Picker Project

After I received the brand new G19 keyboard from Logitech, the first feature I wanted to play around with was the custom-color character backlight. I have a blue Razor mouse and I wanted to see if I could get the two blue colors to match. Unfortunately due to a "low priority" bug in the software/hardware for the G19, blue actually looks purple. Not only was this an issue, but it seemed like a chore to change the color of the keys on a whim. Hence, Echovoice G19 Color Picker was born. It includes automatic purple and white correction so you can use real RGB codes to light up your favorite color. Enjoy!

Ver 1.2
Minor Tweek to WHITE calibration
Checkbox to turn on or off calibration

Ver 1.1
Updated calibration code to 25 equations
New FORCE update feature added

Release 1.2 Echovoice G19 Color Picker Application

Free Download, CLICK HERE (32 bit)

.NET 2.0 FRAMEWORK REQUIRED, 32 bit version works fine on 64 bit OS

Windows 7/Vista/Xp x86 and x64

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