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Have you ever wanted to order small electronic parts from an online store run by incompetent morons? Well I have found the place for you.

I have made several orders from this place over the years and have not had a single problem with them until last month. The rudeness and lack of any knowledge/customer service skills really amazed me.

I placed an order on May 14th 2010 for several small electronic components needed for my reprap project, /projects/reprap. One of these components was a spool of 10 wire ribbon cable (CCBL-10) which was needed to connect the stepper drivers to the motherboard. At the same time I ordered 10 ribbon cable connectors (RCSC-10). Upon receiving the cable and connectors I realized that that the ribbon cable DID NOT have standard pitch between the wires, like described on the product page. The ribbon connectors on the other hand were fine and actually identical to some I had already purchased. Along with the IDC connectors I already had ordered was a very small length of properly pitched ribbon cable.

Upon this realization that the cable was not going to work with these connectors I quickly emailed them and explained the situation in full detail.

2 days later I received an email response as follows:

Thank you for the inquiry.  We have checked the ribbon cable and the connectors you purchased and our warehouse manager stated that they do go together.  You are welcomed to call our warehouse manager at 800-826-5432 and ask for Mike.  He put one together and it seemed fined.

So I took the IDC connectors and the ribbon cable, punched them down using a vice and tested it. To my complete surprise they didn't work (sarcasm).

I am not much of a phone person so I very carefully wrote an email back in response and included the following pictures below:

why allelectronics sucks

why allelectronics sucks

These pictures show the short length of ribbon cable on the left with correct pitch between the wires, where as the cable on the right does not have the standard pitch between the wires. These were taken with my cell phone so the quality isn't the best but it does show what I am talking about.

The next day I received the following email in response:

Please contact Mike at the 800 number he can provide more assistance.

Ok, I really don't need "more assistance", I think the pictures are enough to show how your product is definitely flawed. So I gave in and called the warehouse. Mike was at lunch for almost 3 hours before I finally got him on the phone, an almost 99% accurate transcript of our conversation can be found below:

Mike (Allelectronics): This is Mike.

Echovoice: Hi I am calling in reference to the IDC connectors and ribbon cable issue where the cable I purchased from you does not have a standard pitch between the different wires.

..... about 2 minutes of me saying the same line over and over again before he finally remembered.....

Mike (Allelectronics): Yea I don't know see what your problem is.

Echovoice: Well Mike my issue is the cable you sold me WILL not work with the connector.

Mike (Allelectronics): Well I had no problem using that ribbon cable and those same connectors, I put the connector on the cable and hit it with a screwdriver and it was all good. (if your interested this is the monkey method to crimping ribbon cables)

Echovoice: A screwdriver? I used a vice (the proper way of crimping ribbon cables). Did you test the cable you made?

Mike (Allelectronics): No but it looked all good.

Echovoice: Can you test it really quick and see if maybe I am doing something wrong? (not likely)

Mike (Allelectronics): I threw it away, I don't have time for this, If you don't like it send it back.

Echovoice: I already cut the cable, if you hadn't been at lunch for 3 hours you would have more time to help me out.

Mike (Allelectronics): In that case it can't be returned for a full refund, good bye.

.....and he hung up

Now this alone wasn't really enough to push me to make this page, what really pissed me off was when I added a product review to the ribbon cable page that clearly stated these cables are falsely advertised and the the pitch between the wires will not work with standard IDC connectors it was removed.



Now its not impossible to split the wires and fan them out and attempt to line them up to punch down the IDC connector. This method proved extremely difficult to do and if your interested in my makeshift solution check out this page:


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