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The History of Echovoice

Launched in 1999, Echovoice started as a weekly computer club in a small garage located in Glendale, AZ. Once described by PC Magazine as an "artful hacker" the founders Mike Olsen began advancing Echovoice as a major competitor in software development. Echovoice currently supports hundreds of business and millions of consumers worldwide with custom applications ranging from online sales to collection of gaming statistical information.

2000 - 2005
Echovoice finds its niche in the software industry by developing one of the most powerful auction and online sales systems ever designed to date. The online marketplace was still growing at that time so this gave Echovoice a huge advantage in the industry.
2006 - 2007
Echovoice begins its community outreach program by organizing large scale gaming events throughout the state of Arizona. Echovoice was able to run the largest such event in 2007 reaching over 300 participants. In late 2006 Echovoice starts its Statistical Collection Division, dealing with the collection of gaming stats first run on its famous E.G.S. platform. E.G.S. was used by several thousand users worldwide. Demand for a universal version increased as well as a backend system for collection and storage was very much needed.

2008 - Present
Echovoice saw the need for an online gaming community and Gamersvoice was born. Current plans for Gamersvoice are not public, currently it is considered a private beta.

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