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Latest News:

Mike Olsen

Scottsdale, AZ... Echovoice announces its launch of myclassalert.com. Class Alert features new web server protection technologies built by Echovoice LLC.

Mike Olsen

Scottsdale, AZ... Anyone interested in the new "EGS" would be happy to know that we are currently working on the G19 version of the software. It will fully support the new color screen and include advanced features that are unavailable in the original G15 version of the keyboard. Special thanks to Logitech for sending us a version of the keyboard. We also have plans to move the software to mobile devices, such as the android and iPhone OS. This will give the non-logitech gamers a chance at the new software.

Mike Olsen

Scottsdale, AZ... I know we have been MIA for a couple years and I apologize that I have offered little or no support for EGS. The reason for this is because I have been quite busy but I would like to announce that you will see lots of things changing over the next couple months. We plan on releasing our new website along with all the new features that have been promised to be included in the new EGS. If you interested in some other projects we have been or our currently involved in please go here: /projects. Some beta releases are expected early next month and if your already on the list expect an email soon. If your not on the list drop me an email and Ill see what I can do for you.


Mike Olsen

Phoenix, AZ... Gamersvoice first XML can now be viewed via evstats.com The current syntax is not published to the public but once available another announcement will be made. evstats.com will provide a front end for stat tracking. Gamersvoice.com will be open in the next couple days launching its first public project, GVSAdmin. Gamersvoice Server Admin is a web based tool allowing server admins to remotely control there servers from anywhere in the world. It will come with a multi user login feature allowing the Super admin to give access to lower admins without compromising the rcon password. More features will be listed on the Gamersvoice home page in the next couple days.

Mike Olsen

Phoenix, AZ... Echovoice begins global data collection based on server queries using about 50 spider type (prototype) query servers. The Gamersvoice server list begins, adding every game server ever launched to its master lists. Basic player data will also be stored at this time.

Mike Olsen

Phoenix, AZ... Echovoice announces new plans for Gamersvoice.com. Same day new website for Echovoice are published. The goal was to move to a simpler format allowing the developers a chance to work full time on Gamersvoice. Pages that existed prior will be ported over eventually and links for old urls will still work after being ported. As for right now the public forum is open but not accepting any registrations at this time. The new registration system will be part of the Gamersvoice engine so until it is online registration for new users will be closed. Download links for EGS Beta 1.0 also have been restored however a new version will be released soon making the Beta obsolete. Any question please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mike Olsen

Phoenix, AZ... Website is online and fully functional. Please report issues to the system admins. Forums will be online in the next 24 hours, all databases will be fully restored.

Mike Olsen

Phoenix, AZ... Echovoice will be down for a scheduled maintenance, if you need to download EGS please use one of the available mirrors as posted in the forums. All download links will be restored when done.

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